Planet Mercury

8 Unbelievable Facts About the Planet Mercury

We all know about the planets in our solar system. The closest planet to the sun is Mercury and there are lots of amazing Planet Mercury facts that you should know about. Some of the facts include the number of days in a year and the other comparisons to the Earth.

1. Planet Mercury facts were started from Ancient times

The title looks hard to understand, right? The planet was discovered back in 3000 BC and Sumerians discovered it. It is one of the oldest planets that people of earth are knowing about. So, there are lots of facts that are known since the discovery in 3000 BC.

2. Number of days

Mercury has a lock to the sun. Also, some people call it gravitation local. Therefore, the rotation sometimes slows down to match the sun. Talking about the days, Mercury has only 88 days in a year. However, as it is near to the sun, one day in mercury is equalled to 176 days on the Earth. You might be thinking about the rotation speed.

3. Planet Mercury facts about rotation

As we have seen, it completes the year in 88 days only. Moreover, the speed of the planet is around 180,000 km per hour. Moreover, Mercury also gets 29 million miles that are roughly 47 million Km close to the sun. Also, the distant is around 70 million km from the sun that is roughly 43 million miles.

4. Gravity of Mercury

You will be amazed to know one of the planet mercury facts is that it has only 38% gravity as compared to earth. Moreover, due to this gravity, the planet isn’t able to hold the atmosphere. Also, some of the solar winds bring new gases and radioactive waste from the micrometeorites. Due to the same reason, there is no moons or rings on the planet.

5. It is NOT the hottest planet

We all know, Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. Yet it is not the hottest planet in the entire solar system. Many people have this misconception about Mercury being the hottest planet. In reality, Venus is the hottest planet and Mercury is the second hottest planet.

6. There are no seasons in Mercury

As there are 3 or more seasons on a different planet, Mercury has no season at all. The axis of the planet has one of the smallest titles. Therefore, the planet does not have any seasons. Also, the atmosphere there is very thin when you compare it with other planets.

7. Mercury has ice

There is no specific evidence yet but many of the science believes there is ice inside craters of the mercury. This might be because of the water vapor that has frozen or some of the meteorites or comets have brought the ice to the planet. Still, the reason is unknown and many of them are believing this fact.

8. Iron core

Mercury has a large base of the iron core. The iron core is more than 40% of the total volume whereas earth only has 17% as that of eath. Therefore, Mercury has a large amount of iron core.

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