Planet Saturn

15 Stunning Facts About the Planet Saturn

Saturn is the second-largest planet in our Solar System and the sixth planet from the Sun.

Moreover, Saturn is considered as “The Jewel of the Solar System”.

Let’s take a look at 15 stunning facts about the planet Saturn.

  1. Saturn is the fifth brightest planet in the solar system.
  2. The planet was named after the Roman god Saturnus, the god of agriculture and harvest.
  3. Saturn is the root of the English word “Saturday”, the seventh day of the week.
  4. The average distance of Saturn is 886 million miles (1.4 billion kilometers) from the Sun. It is almost nine times the distance of the sun from the Earth.
  5. Saturn is a gas-giant planet, that appears ringless about two times in every 29 and a half years.
  6. It takes about 29 Earth years (or 10,759 days) to orbit around the sun, and 10 hours 39 minutes to rotate on its axis – that is a Saturn day.
  7. Saturn’s winds can reach speeds of up to 1,800 km/h (1,100 mph), which is ten times faster than winds on Earth.
  8. The rings of Saturn are made of small particles of ice and rock.
  9. Saturn is the farthest of the five planets that can be seen to the naked eye from Earth. The other four planets are Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter.
  10. Saturn has at least 62 known moons orbiting the planet. Of which 53 moons have been officially named, and another 9 moons are waiting to be officially named.
  11. Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, is the only moon in the solar system with a dense atmosphere and liquid lakes.
  12. Titan is the second-largest moon in the solar system, after Jupiter’s moon Ganymede. In fact, it is bigger than the planet Mercury.
  13. Saturn is the least dense planet in the solar system, and if it could be placed in a large pool of water, the planet would float.
  14. Saturn’s atmosphere is made mostly of hydrogen (96.3%) and helium (3.25%) with trace amounts of ammonia, acetylene, ethane, propane, phosphine and methane.
  15. In 1610, Italian astronomer “Galileo Galilei” was the first person to observe this planet through a telescope.
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