Polar Bear

7 Fascinating Facts About Polar Bears

Most of the people are seeing Polar bear from their childhood from the cartoons. Polar bears are one of the best creatures that everyone loves. Want to know some amazing polar bear facts? Stay tuned and we will see some of the known facts that most of you were not aware of.

1. Where do Polar bears live?

The first thing that most of the people are not aware of is where do Polar bears actually live. They are found near frozen land of the Arctic. They are also found in Canada, Greenland, Norway, Russia, and if you are from the US, they can also be found in Alaska.

2. They weight too much

If you haven’t seen a polar bear in real life, you might not know about their huge weight. They weigh on an average 680 Kilograms. Whereas the female polar bears are only half of the weight of the male polar bear. Also, they are more than 2.5 m long. This makes them the largest living meat eaters on the entire planet.

3. Polar bear facts about their survival

The polar bear has a record of surviving the worst environment also. They have thick fur as well as blubber which is nothing but a layer of fat that helps them to protect their body from the cold water as well as from the frosty air. No doubt, why love to live in such a cold place. They also have black skin that will absorb the sun’s heat to keep them warm.

4. Their smelling sense is incredible

We already know that dogs have an incredible sense of smell and so has the polar bears. One of the unknown polar bear facts is that they can smell pretty much anything from a long distance. The smell helps them to sniff any of their prey from 16 Km away. Therefore, if you are anywhere near 16 Km near the polar bear, chances are they already know that you are coming.

5. Swimming polar bear facts

Polar bear resides on the places with a lot of ice and water. Even though they are too huge they can swim. Moreover, you will be shocked to know that, they can swim more than 100 Km offshore and the speed of their swimming can go on an average of 10 Km per hour. Whereas on the land, they can go up to 40 km per hour.

6. Their skin isn’t white

Yes, one of the unknown polar bear facts is about their skin color. Their skin isn’t white in color. Their skin is transparent along with a hollow core. This will reflect the light and also helps the polar bear to go along with the surrounding.

7. Number of Polar bears

According to some scientists, there are roughly 20,000 Polar bears. That’s just too much amount. If you want to see one of these, you should go around the sea area as they spend most of the time around the sea. Their scientific name is Ursus Maritimus. We need to save them from being extinct.

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