5 Amazing Facts About Turtles

Turtles are one of the oldest reptiles and also has one of the longest life spans on the planet earth. There are many amazing facts about this small little reptiles that many of the people have no idea about. We will see some of the unknown turtle facts that will surely blow your mind.

1. The age

Turtles are living on the earth since the age of the dinosaurs. That is roughly 215 million years ago. Since then the turtles are found on this planet. This is an incredibly large time and a lot more than other reptiles including the snakes and other similar ones. Also, this brings us to the lifespan of the turtle. They live a lot of years in a single life. The longest the turtle has lived is 180 years so far. Whereas some of the species only live 10 to 80 years.

2. Not all the turtles put their head in the shell

We all know that turtle tends to put their head inside the shell when someone tries to attack. Not all the turtles do this, there are some of the turtle species that do not put their head inside the shell for the protection.

3. Turtle facts on their body

The shell of the turtle is actually a part of its skeleton. There are 50 bones including the bones of rib cage and the spine. Moreover, the one fact you surely didn’t know is turtles are amniotes. In other words, they breathe air and do not lay eggs underwater. Most of the turtle species can live in the water as well as around the water. However, it depends on the type of species as there are many types of turtles and each of them has a different body structure.

4. What do turtles eat?

The diet of the turtles mainly depends on the environment in which it lives. The turtles living on land eat grass, fruits and also beetles. Whereas the turtles living in the sea are more likely to eat algae, jellyfish, and squids. Some of the turtles are carnivores, some of them are herbivores. Along with this, there are also some of the omnivorous turtles. Moreover, some of the baby turtles start their life by eating meat and later on they start eating more plants as they grow.

5. Living species

We talked about the species in almost all the turtle facts, many of you people might be wondering how many actual turtle species are there in total. There were many species when they were first found and today there are roughly 300 species of turtle that are found. According to the IUCN, in these 300 species, roughly 129 species are either vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered. This mainly happens due to the illegal pet trade, poaching and habitat loss.

We should stop polluting the water and also the trading of these innocent reptiles can cause the loss of these reptiles. Therefore, one should take proper steps here.

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